Achieved PPG Meeting Minutes

Minutes of Patient Participation Group (PPG) Meeting

Padiham Town Hall

 1pm on Wednesday 26th July 2023

Present:               Peter Frazer        PPG Chair

                                Des McEvoy        Practice Manager

                                Katy Gibb            Office Manager

                                Tracy Gaskell      Secretary

                                Patients               19

Introduction and Welcome:

Peter Frazer was introduced as the new chair for the PPG.  He spoke about his background and as to how he had taken the position after attending PPG meeting and agreed to accept the role to facilitate links between patients and the Practice.

Apologies for Absence

There was one apology received from a patient

Minutes from last Meeting

There were no minutes taken at the last meeting.

Matters Arising from Minutes

There were no matters arising.

Agenda Items

Practice Manager Updates:

The time of meetings, agenda and taking of minutes were discussed; these will be published on the website.  The meeting was informed that the agenda for meetings will not include ‘Any Other Business’ as the aim was to keep meetings relevant and as brief as practical so as not to take up more of patients time than is necessary.

It was agreed to have a dedicated email address for all PPG matters.  This can be found on the website (PPG section).  Information Technology (IT) has developed an online form which should be used by patients to submit suggestions or agenda items to the PPG. This form can be found on PPG section of the Practice website.  The form will submit automatically.

An advantage of the online form is that people who are unable to attend meetings can include their concerns, suggestions, location of meetings or any other issues via this page.  It was agreed that the suggestion box in the main reception area will be kept.  It was agreed that meetings to be kept at 4 per year, avoiding school holidays.

Patients raised concerns that posters advertising the access to PPG weren’t displayed in the Library, Tesco or Doctors Surgery.  It was suggested that leaflets to be handed out by Nurse/GP or sent by text.  This will be discussed by the Practice and a decision as to the best way forward will be made before the next PPG meeting.

  1. Staff Update

 There are now 10 GPs (5 salaried) which has made a huge difference to the Practice.  The Practice is now fully staffed with regards to nurses and also Health Care Assistants (HCAs).  This allows the practice to work to full capacity and offer more appointment availability. 

The workflow (clinic letters and discharge letters) has increased substantially therefore a full time administrator has joined the team to help with the workflow and keep it up to date.   Test results will be reinstated with the Administration Department around September, once all workflow documents are in order.

  • Building Work

Two new consulting rooms have been built allowing all GPs to have their own consulting rooms.

  • Extended Access

The aim of the practice is to provide some extended access at Padiham Medical Centre which would allow for out of hours appointments (currently provided at St, Peter Centre, Burnley). More details to follow once known.

  • Patient Partner

Patient Partner is a brand-new automated service being introduced at the Practice in September or October.  It does two things.

It provides a virtual receptionist that allows patients to ring the surgery at any time of the day/night to book an appointment.  The benefit of this access is that it is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and allows patients to choose a Doctor, Nurse or HCA appointment. 

The service is also available to order repeat prescriptions as all details are linked to the surgery’s system.  The benefit of this is that patients will not have to wait on the telephone in long queues.  There is however the option to speak with a receptionist should a patient wish to do so. 

Time and Date of Next Meeting

The next meeting will be held on Wednesday 1st November 2023 at 1pm

The Meeting closed at 2:05pm