Home Visits

Home visits are at the discretion of your Doctor. Please do not ask your Doctor to see you at home unless you are genuinely too ill to come to the surgery.

Requests for a home visit can be made by telephoning 01282 911740 before 10.30am whenever possible and giving the Receptionist as much information as you can. This helps the Doctors to plan their visits so that the most urgent calls are made first.

If you need to see a Doctor we prefer you to come to the surgery if you can and we can usually arrange an urgent appointment to see one of the Doctors at short notice.

Home visits are time consuming and have to be fitted in between surgeries or later in the day. Whilst we appreciate that not everyone has easy access to a car, the local bus and taxi services are good and difficulties getting to the health centre can usually be overcome. Lack of transport should not be a reason for requesting a home visit.

Whenever possible we ask you to try and come to the surgery where we have better facilities for examining and treating you.