Clinics & Services

Antenatal Clinic

The antenatal clinic is led by the midwife and the doctor is available for consultation when necessary. Care is usually shared with the hospital.

Asthma Clinic

Run by the nurse for any child or adult with asthma. In addition to regular check-ups and dealing with problems as they arise we also instruct on proper use of inhalers and other devices.

Baby Clinic

Our baby clinics provide an 8 week checkup which includes routine immunisations from a GP and follow up checks with the nurse.


If you have responsibility for the care of another person please let us know so that our records are complete. This enables us to provide you with the best possible care.

Cervical Smears

We recommend that all women between the ages of 25 & 50 have a smear every three years, and women between 50 & 65 every 5 years. You may make an appointment for a smear with the practice nurse during normal working hours.

Chaperone Policy

In certain circumstances during an examination of an intimate nature, the doctor may ask a nurse to be present. This is to protect both the doctor and the patient. If a suitable chaperone is not available an alternative appointment will be offered. A patient may of course request a chaperone be present but this may mean that another appointment will be necessary.


A clinic is run for diabetic patients. Appointments are flexible but usually involve two visits to the nurse and one to the doctor each year. We perform regular checks on control, screen for complications and can arrange appointments with the dietician, chiropodist, optician or hospital as appropriate.

Family Planning And Contraceptive Advice

We offer a family planning service including advice on contraception and emergency contraception (sometimes called the morning after pill).

Flu jab

If you have a heart or lung problem, asthma, diabetes or are in frail health you are advised to have a flu injection every year. All patients over 65 years of age are eligible for immunisation. Clinics are held in October when the vaccine becomes available.

Immunisation Clinics

A well baby clinic is held at the practice on Wednesday morning. Immunisations are carried out by the Practice Nurses. Appointments for immunisations can be made via reception Parents/guardians can also choose to have their children immunised at the Whitegate Children’s Centre. The child’s “red book” must be produced at the time an immunisation is requested.

Minor Op Surgery

The minor Op surgery is run on Tuesday mornings at Padiham Medical Centre.  Referral is via the GP.  Please contact Reception for more information.

Results of Tests

Results usually take at least five working days to come through. Smear results take approximately four weeks. Please phone, or call at reception, after 2 pm.

Smoking Cessation Advice

We provide advice on how patients may stop smoking. We actively encourage patients to have a programme for stopping smoking and adopting a lifestyle for reducing the risk of heart disease.

Travel Vaccinations

Our practice nurses are well trained and experienced in helping you to be adequately protected for your holiday trip abroad. We offer a comprehensive range of vaccinations.