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Medical Students on Placement

We are pleased to announce that we have a number of medical students set to be on placement with us at Padiham Medical Centre.  The students are all training to be doctors and are either in their 4th or 5th years of study before their exams.

We have 10 students in total on placement with us at various times starting on 14th August when we’ll be joined by Katherine for 4 weeks and then Denzil on 24th August for 8 weeks.

When booking appointments, our team of receptionists will inform you if your consultation with the doctor or nurse will be affected.  This may involve your consultation being observed by a medical student or you may be seen by a medical student on their own and then followed up immediately after with one of our GP’s.  You can refuse to have any involvement with our medical students if you wish.

Your input into their training is essential to their learning and we’d like to thank you sincerely for your assistance in supporting the creation of the future health service workforce.

All our medical students are from The University of Manchester.

If you have any feedback you’d like to give about your involvement with our medical students, we’d be grateful to receive this.

Our student placement timetable is as follows:

Year 4 – 4 week placements

Placement dates Name of Medical Student Days in Surgery
20.8.18 – 14.9.18 Imogen Hyndman Mon – Thur
17.9.18 – 12.10.18 Faris Ghafoor Mon – Thur
15.10.18 – 9.11.18 Jonathan Dumbril Mon – Thur
12.11.18 – 7.12.18 Tonia Forjoe Mon – Thur
7.1.19 – 1.2.19 Susanna Hotchkiss Mon – Thur
Mon – Thur
4.3.19 – 29.3.19 Jennifer Bailie Mon – Thur
1.4.19 – 3.5.19 Yasmin Sonksen Mon – Thur