Padiham Medical Centre

An award winning GP Practice, serving over 13,000 patients with a full range of enhanced services.

GP Training

The Practice have achieved training practice status.  This means that we have been accredited by the North West Deanery to train both postgraduate doctors and undergraduate medical students.

Whilst all of the team take part in teaching our accredited post graduate trainers are Dr J H Fleming and Dr S F Appleyard.

Hospital doctors wishing to enter general practice spend 12 months with us in order to gain the experience they need to become family doctors.

Undergraduate students also spend several weeks a year in Practice.  It is possible that sometimes you may be asked if a medical student can be present during your consultation with the doctor or nurse.  If you can help in this way the students are very grateful.  We do however understand that some patients feel uncomfortable or embarrassed in the presence of a student.  If this is the case then please advise the clinician at the beginning of the consultation.

In addition to trainee doctors the practice also helps student nurses from time to time.

The Practice is very proud to have received 2 awards for the quality of its undergraduate teaching.